Pamela Mancuso
15 days ago

Pamela Mancuso


I am a Patriot who loves this country! I am disgusted with everything the left has done to our country!! We need President Trump back now!

Hypocrite pays for private security while harming other people's security with calls to defund the police, and when confronted about it, she just started lying.

Screw Your Forced Jab Mandates - YouTube

Screw your FORCED mandates and jabs. Let me give you a brief reminder of recent history. The whole thing is a joke and YOU are the punchline. Warning: STRONG...

Lørdag d 24.07.2021 Børne-Demo, alle 11 stærke taler kan ses her.
Links under alle mine videoer til verificering.

Systematisk Pædofili & Børnehandel Stortrives i Danmark Part 1-11

JUST IN: House GOP Leadership Calls Pelosi's January 6 Committee 'Failed' Moments Before It Begins - YouTube

Moments before the Select Committee on January 6th began its first hearing, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarty (R-CA) held a press briefing decrying it alon...

Unpacking Pelosi's Dangerous Jan. 6th Show Trial | The Charlie Kirk Show LIVE 07.27.21 - YouTube

The Charlie Kirk Show is LIVE on Salem Radio Stations across the country with play-by-play analysis of Nancy Pelosi's January 6th Commission, which features ...

Remember? Trump had insisted on deploying 10,000 Guard troops... Now we know Miller tried his best, despite no D.C. request for Guard troops. He obeyed The Commander-in-Chief’s orders and attempted to ensure a Guard deployment in the face of an obstructionist Pentagon.

A cell phone video quickly went viral claiming to show police planting evidence and news sites reported on it before getting the truth, now the bodycam is out to show what really happened.

Chinese diplomats and U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, the Chinese side gave the U.S. a list of “wrongdoings” by the U.S. against China, which they demanded the U.S. put a stop to.

"If" by Rudyard Kipling - YouTube

Join our Amazing Patrioto Familia at http://www.ildonaldo.comWe have fun during the day with funny postos, videos and good news. And at night before going to...