An internal ATF email was recently leaked to the public that makes it very clear that the ATF Confiscation of Forced Reset Triggers is under way.

FFL Preparing for ATF Confiscation Raid | Rare Breed FRT 15 and BDU WOT Forced Reset Trigger - YouTube

In this Installment Ryan Jeske talks about how he has his FFL Preparing for ATF Confiscation Raid that could come any day! The ATF is back at it, once again ...

"Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber, and as deadly as a hitman."
--Ronald Reagan

#GG Candid as always. 👍

Gutfeld: Who's side are you on? - YouTube

Greg Gutfeld slams Joe Biden's Georgia speech for splitting America into two camps, his side or the side of racism.#FoxNews #GutfeldSubscribe to Fox News! ht...

Almost two years after Democrat Tarus Mack was certified the winner of an Eatonville Town Council election, a judge has ordered Mack to be removed from his position due to evidence uncovered by his opponent suggesting votes were illegally cast or procured.

“We have to fix things that have been going wrong in this historic town and make things right, not for me, but for the people.”

Marlin Daniels, is now going to be a public servant for the Town of Eatonville.”

Suggestion.. if you use Twitter, go to the tweets posted within the article and show your support after GoFundMe Banned Rittenhouse but Let BLM Rioters Ask for Donations and then reversed the ban.

My little Sister Now Dead + 'Situation' Update Denmark 'CV-19 Passport' (Trailer)[12.11.2021].txt
YT link:

Navy SEALs torch Biden: Where is the mandate for saving Americans in Afghanistan? - YouTube

A group of retired Navy SEALs running for office, Ryan Zinke, Eli Crane, Morgan Luttrell, Brady Duke, and Derrick Van Orden discussed the U.S. withdrawal fro...

Because He Lives (Live At Studio C, Gaither Studios, Alexandria, IN/2018) - YouTube

The Singing Contractors – Official Video for “Because He Lives”, available now!Buy the full-length CD/DVD, Working On A Building here: https://gaithermusic.l...

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